Tumblers/Bottles: Hand wash ONLY. Do not put in the dishwasher. For rhinestone areas: spray lightly with dish soap. Let the dish soap sit for a minute and then rinse it off with cold/luke warm water. Do not use a brush or sponge on the crystals. For the any areas without rhinestones, wash normally with your sponge and brush. Allow the cup to air dry or pat gently with rag/paper towel.

Footwear: Hand wash ONLY. Do not put in the washing machine. Using cold water and gentle detergent, you may gently spot clean with a rag or toothbrush. Do not scrub or submerge the rhinestone areas.

White shoes: Get a bowl of Luke warm water and dawn dish soap. You may also use dawn power wash. Take a toothbrush and scrub at any dirt. Rinse off the soap. Use a Mr.Clean (melamine) sponge for stubborn spots on the soles. Still dirty? Take a bottle with 1:1 Distilled vinegar & water and saturate the shoes. Wrap paper towels over the shoes, saturate paper towels with the mixture. Air dry in the sun

All orders come with extra rhinestones in case of any accidents.